Edmonton Quail Hatching Experience


Looking for something memorable, fun & educational, not to mention the. cutest. thing. ever!?

This is the thing!  It’s hands-on learning the entire family will enjoy.

Your children can set up the incubator and then check on the eggs each day as they await their arrival with baited anticipation! Operation is simple and we provide written instructions including pictures and unlimited support.

The eggs will incubate for approximately 18 days. After hatching, your kids can enjoy the cuteness for another week or so and once we take the chicks back, we return them to the farm to join their brood.

We provide everything you will need for the experience so aside from finding a great spot to set up there is nothing that you will need to worry about.

Did you know that quail make great pets; and what’s better than incubating and hatching your very own family pet?!  These quail are available to purchase for a small additional fee and don’t require a special permit from the City as they are house animals.  Let us know at your checkout if you’re potentially interested in keeping your birds and we will help get you set up to keep your new feathered family members!

Pick up and drop off is at a convenient spot in Starling on a Sunday(pickup) and Saturday(drop off) at your chosen times.

Earn up to 11 Hatching Points.


Our Edmonton Quail Hatching Experience is a 4 week rental and your children will be able to set up the incubator, place the eggs and then check on them each day as they await their arrival.

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April, May, June

Date Options

Pickup April 14 – Drop Off May 11, 2024, Pickup June 9 – Drop Off July 6, 2024, Pickup May 12 – Drop Off June 8, 2024

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