We lucked out here – not only do we have fantastic local Hatching Agents, they also happen to be farmers and the home your flurf babies will be going to!

  Lindsey was raised in the hustle and bustle of Calgary, Alberta with the dreams of eventually owning her own farm.  Through hard work and determination she has made her dreams a reality!  She spends her Canadian time working on her farm in rural Rockyview County raising horses, longhorn cattle, goats, pigs and chickens.  

Cory was raised on an acreage in the little farming community of Magnolia Texas. He was brought up around horses but has aspirations of owning his own ranch. His career has led him back to the farm, working with some amazing horses and is now venturing into breeding quality chickens through Nanny McCluckins.

Together, Cory and Lindsey continue to build on both of their dreams and goals of farming in the warm weather of southeast Texas. Their main goal is focused on breeding quality chickens and longhorns using the bloodline Lindsey has produced on her farm in Rockyview.