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You will come to one of our convenient locations and meet your local Nanny McCluckins Chicken Whisperer.  At this time, you will pick up your kit and ask any questions that you may have.

Once you get home, you can pick your favourite spot to set up the incubator. You will want to pick somewhere that does not get a lot of temperature fluctuation and a place where everyone can see into the incubator to catch the hatching!

Now is the time to care for the environment that you have created for your eggs.  You will monitor the temperature and the humidity and using the provided calendar you will make any necessary adjustments.

Watching the growth and development in the egg is amazing and it is the perfect time to jump into the educational home-schooling curriculum that we have created!

This is a simple and very affordable add-on that we highly recommend.  It covers all the core subjects and will give your kiddos something to focus on while they eagerly anticipate the arrival of your baby chicks, quail or ducks!

Hatch day is approaching! Think Christmas morning excitement as you wake up and run to the incubator and see if you have any babies waiting there for you!

Once your hatchlings have arrived you will want to keep them under special care in the incubator – the “CHICKU” as we lovingly call it – for a minimum of 24 hours.

This is the safest environment for your babies as they continue to absorb their yolk sac, dry off and fluff up as well as get nice strong legs.

They also let all their brothers and sisters know that it is time to come out and join the world.

Now it’s time to celebrate!  Hatch day is your chick’s birthday so have fun with it!  You can throw a little party. Have a fun photoshoot. Take your chicks outside into the yard. Spend time bonding and even teach them tricks.  Yes – tricks! Birds are VERY smart!

This is such a fun thing to do so share your experience on social media. Your friends and family will be very excited to see what you have been up to!

Don’t forget about that curriculum that you were working on.  Your newly hatched birds will be growing and changing daily. Make sure to document all that you are discovering and learning along the way.

As you are getting closer to your baby chicks’ moving day, we invite you to prepare your children by looking into what family farming in your city or community looks like.

Understanding how agriculture works in your area is pretty cool.  Did you know, that just outside most city limits there are numerous small, family farms?

These farms provide many of the fruits, veggies, EGGS and other protein sources that you find at your local Farmer’s Markets.

When you take part in a Nanny McCluckins Chick Hatching Experience you are helping local egg farmers feed their families…and maybe yours too!

It is your baby chick’s graduation to farm life! 

It isn’t a time to be sad, although goodbyes can definitely be tough; but instead, a time to be happy for them!

After you return them to us, we carefully transport them back to the farm that they were laid at.

It’s where their mom and dad are as well as all their brother and sister birds. It’s a place where they will be very well-loved and looked after.

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  • Avatar Jolanda Slagmolen ★★★★★ a week ago
    I gave my grandson a hatching experience for Christmas. While he had to wait a few months to enjoy it, I think this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given! The whole family has enjoyed it, from incubation to hatching. Highly recommend … More 😃
  • Avatar Lauren Martens ★★★★★ a month ago
    I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience with Nanny McCluckins!! All of the instructions were thorough and helpful. Any follow-up questions I sent were answered promptly and with exactly what I needed. While I had never done anything … More like this before, “The Nannies” helped me feel confident in the process. My students absolutely adored the ducklings and gained valuable insight into life cycles, growth, death, and animal care. I truly can’t recommend this company and this experience more highly. We look forward to making this a regular experience in our school! Thank you!!
  • Avatar Stephanie Marston ★★★★★ a month ago
    We hatched chickens and Ducks this past 2 months and I cannot say enough good things about these amazing people! They provided everything needed and incredibly detailed instructions. On top of that they were readily available to answer … More any questions we had. Pick up and drop off was well organized. The equipment provided was in perfect condition and clear instructions on how to clean and return the equipment were given. We hatched 4 chickens and 1 duck. We became so attached to our sweet duck whom we named, ‘Freckles.’ He lived amongst us and provided us with the most magical and precious 2 weeks. We were in awe watching the bond he formed with our 4-year-old and we were so proud to watch the compassion and gentleness our son showed to his little duckling. Saying goodbye was hard, however knowing that Freckles was going on to live a life he deserved with other ducks on a beautiful farm made saying goodbye a lot easier. This experience has been well worth it and we are so thankful to the folks that run this business.
  • Avatar Shawna Sabey ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    We just completed our first hatch and it was a fantastic experience. The ordering and pick up/drop off processes were smooth. The instructions were very clear and detailed. They provided quick support whenever we needed it throughout the … More experience. We can't wait to do another hatch in the near future!
  • Avatar Nicole Thormoset ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    This has been an incredible experience for my kids and me. The chicks came a couple days late so I was worried and they helped us through the hatching process! We had to help a couple of the chicks hatch and they’re all doing great. Communication … More from beginning to end had been fantastic! I’ll do this again next year for sure!
  • Avatar Jessica O'Grady ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    We signed up for a quail hatching experience this summer. The online ordering process was so easy and we were impressed with the choices available. As it got closer to the start date, we received very clear, detailed information about … More pick up, set up, and what to expect throughout the hatching process. Pick up day was very efficient and everything we would ever need was included in a perfectly packed container. The experience was such a fun thing to be apart of and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and seeing the quail grow until the return date. We were provided with ample information should we have chosen to keep any of the quail, including the opportunity to purchase supplies to house them. The return process was also efficient and we could tell how much everyone enjoys being involved with Nanny McCluckins. We will absolutely be signing up to do this again. It was a very special adventure for our family! THANK YOU!
  • Avatar Desiree Ingram ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    We just completed our duck hatching experience with nanny mccluckins and what an amazing experience it was. We started with 9 eggs. We were so blessed to have 6 ducklings hatch. Everything we needed was included as well as any support or … More questions was just a text away. It was so much fun getting to know each duckling and naming them. They became a part of the family and it was hard to let them go in the end because we loved them so much but, we would do it all over again because it was so much fun.
  • Avatar Michelle Nachai ★★★★★ a year ago
    This was my fist time hatching ducklings!! What a simple and amazing experience!! We had 8 eggs and 7 hatched!
    My kindergartens and the rest of the school loved the experience!!
  • Avatar Kathy ★★★★★ a year ago
    We have done multiple hatchings with chicks, quail, geese and ducks. Our family has learned so much from the hatching experiences. The excitement of candling, the joy of hatching, the love from cuddles, the pride in seeing them grow and … More the rare sadness in loss. It’s all part of the journey and as a mom, Educator and Childcare Consultant, I constantly advocate for any opportunity where children can learn from any hands on experience. I highly recommended it to all of my dayhome educators because there is so much learning that happens right in your own home. The support you get from the Nanny McCluckins team takes any worries away, and the memories that you create with your family are forever.
  • Avatar Krista MacDonald ★★★★★ a year ago
    We LOVED this whole process! From picking up our eggs and equipment right down to the tearful goodbyes. My kids were thrilled watching their "babies" hatch and playing with them everyday. We will definitely do it again!


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